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Marain romanization to glyphs and English gloss

"I ride am riding aboard a spaceship."
This glossing function is incomplete. It attempts to annotate the case of nouns and pronouns, and links a Marain form to a dictionary entry. "p1sg" means the first person singualar pronoun; "p3pl" is third person plural, etc. Out-of-vocabulary words or misspellings will pass through into the gloss, and compound words, punctuation, and numbers do not gloss correctly yet.
Input romanized Marain. You can use digits 0-7 and a little bit of punctuation: . is the Marain fullstop; , and ( are the open-encloser; " and ) are the close-encloser, but these won't go to the bit representaiton at the moment.
Input using the Marain font. These characters are allowed: ACEGHLOSTabedgfihkjmlonpsrutwvyz␣
Nine-bit binary representation. Note that most bit strings are not valid character encodings, and will not render anything in the glyph field above.
Examine some of these example sentences:


Look up Marain words using their Romanization. Don't trust the parts of speech. The dictionary will acquire more user-friendliness at some point, as well as more gravitas.

pren /prɛn/ noun spaceship